4 Methods Of Cultivating Sweet Corn And Treatment

4 Methods Of Cultivating Sweet Corn And Treatment
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It is essentially the food staple of Indonesia that is rice that is processed rice food origin. And as you know, Rice has a good carbohydrate content and more than other foodstuffs.

But not only rice various food ingredients are commonly needed as well as an alternative ingredient of rice. Some food samples of rice choices ie tuber some type of plant tubers such as potatoes, tuber and tuber plants. Not only that there is also one of the foods that are very favored by the community.

The name is corn, surely corn is chosen because not only because it tastes delicious otherwise also because of the Karbohidratnya content that is not less good with rice. Not only that in Indonesia itself some types of corn are generally eaten, inhabitants. namely natural corn and sweet corn. Make your sweet corn has some food substances that are not equal to corn in general.

Content of sweet corn food substances:
  • Carbohydrates
  • Calories
  • Fiber
  • Glucose
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Tryptophan
  • Threonine
  • Aspartic acid, glutamic acid
  • Food substances  Vit A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C
Witness the amount of vitamin content to sweet corn that is not the same if you watch the method of cultivation of hydroponics vegetables many nutrients have never been mentioned above such as water, minerals, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. With the vitamin content, then the corn is very good for your freshness. Especially with a comparison of the content of food substances that can raise your fitness and the content of phosphorus is very good for your bone fitness.

Sweet Corn Cultivation Method

With this tool, it is not surprised when people consume sweet corn more often. Not only that sweet corn has a more crispy flavor and there is a slight blend of sweetness that is not very much liked by people. Sweet corn is easy to make cultivated is not the same if you see the method of honey pineapple cultivation, if you are fascinated by the method of cultivating sweet corn, here is an easy road that you can follow.

1. Sweet Corn cultivation Facility

Create a sweet corn cultivation tool almost the same as California papaya cultivation method, you must first find the appropriate area. The aspect that you must see in the method of cultivating sweet corn is looking for the matching area and after you select the area you have started to be able to prepare the planting facilities:

  • Make sure the area close to the location of your stay then relieve you for the re-examination of land and plant later.
  • Make sure the place is free of various types of waste and has a crumbly and lush textured area.
  • Make sure that the area has a minimum land area of at least 3m x 3m to 5m x 5m and not covered by anything so that the sweet corn you are planting is sufficient exposure.
  • The next strategy is creating a planting land that is a means of cultivation. First, make your benchmark and planting land boundaries and clean the planting land of gravel or weed growing.
  • After that, you can plow the area wearing a parcel until the land area has a loose quality area with depth until reaching approximately 30cm.
  • Measure the pH of the area, when the pH has a high acidity weight, you can run the damping using the dolmit until the pH reaches 6 to above 7.
  • After you are completed run the Pengapuran, then you should also run the Peranot first to give additional food substance to your area.
  • You can utilize various types of fertilizer, which can be better and healthy if you use manure or compost. Not only that the 2nd type of fertilizer is still more environmentally friendly then does not change the quality of the soil.
  • Make a long mound with approximately 1 meter in each of the rows, you can start to provide planting facilities for 2 weeks before the planting season comes.
2. Sweet Corn Seed

To obtain good quality crops, you must choose a good corn seed as well. Create your sweet corn There are several types that you can choose is not the same when you run the method of cultivating mushroom button, the type is distinguished from the number of sugar transports available for sweet corn.

Choose the seed that suits your will, not only that there are two methods in obtaining sweet corn seed:

  • Before, you need to know more sugar content available for sweet corn then it is likely to be more soft and sweet. Even if you select a seed with a little sugar content, the content of the Patinya more then the taste is not exceeded, sweet corn This type can be better when it is also enabled as a base ingredient of cornflour.
  • For the seed of corn, you can buy it in a way directly in the booth or the plant. It can be more practical if you shop seeds that are ready to grow without any seed seeding process.
  • As for the second method, by doing the seed seeding sweet corn first.
  • You just need to raise the seeds of sweet corn for the means of email, the tray that you have filled with soil fertilizer synthesis. The comparison is 2:1.
  • After seedlings sprouted, you can move them into the polybag or small pots and do the treatment process in the form of a method of wrapping and peranot until the shoots become seeds with a height of approximately 10 cm.
3. Evacuation of sweet corn seeds

The next road in the method of cultivating sweetcorn is to evacuate seeds that have been cultivated. The suitable method so that the seed can flourish until the harvest later:

  • First, make the planting holes for cultivation with a gap of approximately 40 cm to 70cm each planting hole.
  • For the measure of the planting holes themselves make with a diameter of approximately 10 cm and a good depth of about 10 to 20 cm.
  • Insert each seed into the planting hole that you have created, to each planting hole you are only able to fill it with one plant seed only.
  • After that the holes lid with the soil of fertilizer synthesis and slightly solids so that your corn seed can stand firmly and not easily collapsed when the water and wind are attacked.
4. Sweet Corn Care and harvest

The factors that you must see in the cultivation method of sweet corn is when you run a maintenance business so that your sweet corn thrives and fruitful good:
  • You have to regularly run the business of the disposal, for the method of the Pendirusan runs several 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Not only that you also must do weeding, for weeding can routinely run every 2 weeks.
  • Important for you to protect the cleanliness and health of your sweet corn plants so as not to be exposed to pests and diseases. You can spray the pesticides to taste to defeat sweet corn pests.
  • You can harvest sweet corn when the corn is ready for harvesting with its yellow fruit characteristic and the twigs that start to wither.
  • Here is info related to the sweet corn cultivation method that we can convey, not only can be eaten by yourself you can still sell it in the market. Then there are a lot of benefits that you can find.
That is an article about 4 Methods Of Cultivating Sweet Corn And Treatment. I hope it will useful to you.

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