Some Kind Of Corns Type We Should Know

Some Kind Of Corns Type We Should Know

In this article I would like to write a topic about Some Kind Of Corns Type We Should Know. Let's find out and read below.

Pearl Corn (Flint corn)

Pearl type corn seeds are round, slippery, shiny and hard because the hard part of the starch is in the upper part of the seeds. At the cooking time, the upper part of the seed is wrinkle together, causing the surface of the top seed to be slippery and rounded. In general, local varieties in Indonesia belong to the type of pearl seeds. About 75% of the corn planting area on the island of Java is pearl-type. This type of seed is liked by farmers because it is resistant to the warehouse.

These corns are many in the world especially in the United States, Argentina is partly used for livestock. If in Indonesia used for human consumption and livestock. The Pearl corn Plant can adapt to both tropical and subtropical areas.

The age of corn plants is quite long as well as the old and the plant corncob (cob various. The weight per 1000 seeds between 100-700 gr. and the shape is somewhat rounded and the size is smaller than the seed of a horse's dental model, the color varies, white, Yellow. and also somewhat red. The surface of the seeds is bright and glowing and somewhat harsh.

Pearl corn seeds are not wrinkled when drying up so that it is more resistant to warehouse pest attacks and warehouse disorders and outside interference, such as irregular rain conditions, whereas horse-drawn seed corn (The diffrences).

Way of storage is placed in a shady and strategically placed in the warehouse, sorted by separating the hair, corn, cob and sorted uniform size, then packaged in a container and stored in a container that is not very stable temperature Cold.

Some benefits of pearl corn

1. Compresses bones

The efficacy of pearl corn for bones is to define it by compresses its structure. It is derived from the calcium content and the iron is very good for the health of your bones and teeth. Dense bones will not be easily affected by osteoporosis.

2. Anti-Anemia

The efficacy of pearl corn with its high substance can help your body to stay healthy without disease anemia. Iron is a good compound to add red blood cells in the body so as not to cause anemia.

3. Healthy Heart

The efficacy of pearl corn for the heart does not only make it but also protects it from a variety of harmful diseases. This corn will also improve your heart function to make it more maximal in passing blood throughout the body.

4. Good for eye health

The efficacy of pearl corn for Eyes is supported by its vitamin A content. You will get a clearer vision and also clearer. You can also avoid the disease with corn on this one and it is advisable to be consumed for those who are use sunglasses.

5. Anti-Diabetes

Pearl Corn does not have a lot of sugar content, so it will not harm your body with symptoms of diabetic disease. Diabetics can use this corn as a substitute for rice.

6. Overcoming hemorrhoids

Another type of disease that can be overcome by pearl corn is hemorrhoids. The complete nutrient content in the corn is very efficacious to prevent hemorrhoids, treat it and also prevent it from coming back.

7. Lowering cholesterol

High cholesterol levels in the body can interfere with health and cause a lot of diseases. To lower cholesterol levels, you can try to eat pearl corn every day.

8. Increase energy

Pearl corn contains many carbohydrates, namely natural substances that are needed by the body as a material to be burned into energy. That is why if this one corn can be called an energy food enhancer.


Sweet Corn (Z. M. Saccharata) was largely cultivated in Americaserikat and Mexico. Production of sweet corn used syrup making material because it contains a very high sugar substance. While in Indonesia sweet corn is just beginning to be planted approximately around the year 2000 and in the last few years, this sweet corn has the export of the trading eyes to the world market.

The characteristic of sweet corn is the seeds that are still young glowing and clear-colored, the seeds that have been cooked to dry with wrinkled (shrinkage. To distinguish can be seen from the hair of white cob. If the hair is red is normal corn. If anyone interested in planting this sweet corn we see the planting age ranging from 60-70 days, but the plateau reaches 80 days.

The sweet corn seed shape is in wrinkled and transparent cooking time. Sweetened corn seeds that have not been cooked contain higher levels of sugar than starch. This trait is determined by one sugary (SU) gene that is recessive. Sweet corn is generally planted for young harvested at the time of milk cooking (milking stage).

Sweet corn when planted one place with ordinary corn it will change the sweetness because this corn can not maintain the nature of the cross-pollination, it is best to plant sweet corn and ordinary corn is somewhat far apart (at least 100 meters) or on The map, the limit is planted protective plants as a barrier.

Its storage is placed in a shady and strategically placed place in the warehouse, sorted by separating the hair, corn, cob and sorted uniform size, then packaged in a container and stored in a shady and cold container.

1. Pop Corn

Pop Corn (Z. M Everta) was massively cultivated in America mainly Iowa, Nebraska, and Mexico.

The characteristics of the seeds are small, such as in the Supermarket or shops almost all forms (endosperm) are hard parts, and if heated can inflate 10-30 times the volume originally. This corn seed is white or yellowish-yellow – brass with a slightly tapered shape and a small an. When weighed 1000 seeds, it weighs between 80 to 130 gr. This type of corn there are two types one is given the name Rice popcorn The difference is slightly flattened and tapered, while the other is named Pear popcorn form the seeds round and Compact. Corn is suitable for a snack.

Its storage is placed in a shady and strategically placed place in the warehouse, sorted by separating the hair, corn, cob and sorted uniform size, then packaged in a container and stored in a cold container.

The secrets of the corn Seed to the formation of popcorn is found in cornflour and water content contained in the seeds of corn. While the process of exploding and jumping skill popcorn at the time of cooking because the skin of the hard corn seeds covers the inside of corn seeds.

By the time we put the corn beans into the cooking oil with heat above 100 degrees Celsius, the water contained in the corn seeds will react and mix with the flour so that the formed Jel. When the temperature of the oil reaches 180 degrees Celsius, it has a very large pressure because in that temperature the water has been shaped as gas vapor with large pressure.

Although corn seed bark can withstand pressure up to 10 ATMs the big pressure of gas vapors at this temperature can break the seed bark of the corn. The rupture of the corn bark is also followed by the discharge of cornstarch in the form of Jel. By the time the gels came out, the moisture in the gels was detached with high pressure, so that the popcorn seed was driven like a rocket and looked like a jump.

Moisture in the gels regardless of the gels, causing white corn flour can still retain its shape when it is cold because it is dry.

This explanation can be proved when we damage the seed of corn so that it forms holes in corn seeds. If we are damaged, these corn seeds inflate a little or even at all not inflate because the water vapor pressure in the corn seeds is not as huge as corn seeds that are intact skin.

Dangers of eating excessive Popcorn

Here's the reason popcorn that is heated in the microwave is not good for health, as follow:

a. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)

During the manufacturing process, Popcorn is made in a slip of a fresh pouch coated with a chemical called PFOA. One study suggests that PFOA is a carcinogenic chemical. When consumed long term, causing cancer.

b. Diacetyl

Diacetyl chemicals are used to flavor butter.

c.  Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ)

TBHQ is the most common preservative, which is most commonly found in light snacks.

d. Lung pain

Due to diacetyl, the body will process it, which is not uncommon to make us difficult to breathe.

e. High in salt and saturated fats

Popcorn contains high levels of salt. Additionally, the butter that is sometimes used contains high enough saturated fats.

Digestive problems

Popcorn is watering the gastrointestinal tract. If it is too frequent, then digestion is in danger, and we need foods high in fiber for digestion to function as it was originally.

2. Pod Corn

The type of corn Pod (Z.M. Tunicata) is a primitive form that was first encountered in South America, especially in Uruguay and Paraguay. In Indonesia, there is nothing to do because this corn is less beneficial to its seed and it's a many is enveloped by Bijiny Kelobot as if invisible. Its storage is placed in a shady and strategically placed place in the warehouse, sorted by separating the hair, corn, cob and sorted uniform size, then packaged in a container and stored in a cold container.

3. Waxy Corn

The corn is waxy (Z. M ceratina) commonly called corn fluffier because of its high amphepectin levels. And it is sticky when the seeds are cooked small colors clear and shiny such as candles and their patency such as tapioca flour and have a high economical cause can replace the flour 9tapioca and sago substitutes and can be used as a feed Bahn Livestock. This corn comes from is from Asia. Endosperm on the type of waxy corn entirely consists of amylopectin, while the usual corn contains ± 70% amylopectin and 30% amylose. Waxy corn is used as an adhesive material, in addition to being foodstuffs.

Its storage is placed in a shady and strategically placed place in the warehouse, sorted by separating the hair, corn, cob and sorted uniform size, then packaged in a container and stored in a cold container.

4. Flour Corn

Types of cornflour flour Corn or (Z. M amilacea) are developed in South America parts of Peru, Bolivia and Colombia as well as in Africa. The starch contained in the endosperm corn flour is all soft starch, except on the side of the thin seed is a hard starch.

The characteristics of corn flour are almost the whole seed contains starch that is in the form of flour and soft, and when exposed to the heat will easily rupture the length of the starchy ranges from 25-30 cm and the row of seeds range from 8-12 lines. This type of corn is suitable for making maize flour.

Its storage is placed in a shady and strategic place to be inserted in the warehouse but previously dried under the sun for 7 days or more until the moisture content reaches 18%. The corn is sorted by separating the paths, corn, cob and sorted uniform sizes, then packaged in containers and stored in a cold container. When dried corn that wants to be knocked by using a knock tool then dried back until the moisture content is 12% and then stored in a cool, dry and well-researched.

That is an article about Some Kind Of Corns Type We Should Know. Hopefully can increase your knowledge better.

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