The Benefits of Organic Fertilizers in Farming

The Benefits of Organic Fertilizers in Farming
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The Benefits of Organic Fertilizers in Farming - The human body is very sensitive. It reacts to any element or compound that tends to harm the various organs of the body. Due to the excessive use of chemicals in production of crops, a significant amount of side effects is produced in the human body. 

Many suffer from stomach related problems and others suffer with growth and development problems. There are also other illnesses that are caused by consuming food products that contain high amount of chemical compounds. To find an alternative to the use of chemical compounds for crops, a thorough research was made. Organic manure is a substitute for toxic compounds used for plant growth.

Natural Sources of These Fertilizers

The fertilizers of this kind have natural sources of origin. The fertilizers have no harmful side effects. Few of the natural sources are enlisted below:

Inorganic sources of fertilizers

Some of the inorganic compounds are also used in making organic fertilizers. Few of the important inorganic compounds used are enlisted below:

Benefits Associated with These Fertilizers

These fertilizers play a significant role in increasing the content of organic compounds and humus of the soil. The benefits of these fertilizers directly affect the health of the plants and play a crucial role in the growth and development of the plants. The advantages of these fertilizers are given below.

Types of Organic Farming Systems

This type of farming involves techniques like green manure, compost, crop rotation and pest control (biological). This type of farming involves use of manures but the ones which are of synthetic nature or manufactured synthetically like growth hormones, herbicide, fungicides and pesticides are not allowed for usage. Few of the systems of organic farming are provided below. These systems are followed in different parts of the world.

Although the compounds used in the different farming methods vary because of the content of fertilizers that are carbon based, the farming methods do not remain exclusive in nature.

The profits that are offered by these types of fertilizers are the reasons for their popularity. Organic farming is the latest and the most upgraded method of farming. These evolution in farming techniques and essential manure have largely contributed to tackling the pollution problem and avert toxic manure for plants and commercial crops.

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