Steps To Grow Good Potatoes

Steps To Grow Good Potatoes
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Steps To Grow Good Potatoes

Potatoes are among the most widely grown vegetables ever. They don't start out as seeds. They're planted from tubers. A potato is also sensitive to a lot of diseases. It's important that you understand the proper ways to grow potatoes. You can buy your tubers from gardening centers. You want to buy government certified tubers which are known as 'seed tubers'.

 (1). The first step is putting one layer of potatoes where they can get plenty of sunlight. It needs to be warmed up to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

 (2). The second thing is to wait for your potatoes to surface and become green. Now let a sprout of around 1/2" long grow. These sprouts are very important because that's what lets your plants grow in only a couple of weeks. Remember that your tubers that have a 'B' size won't need any cutting, and the larger seed potatoes have to be cut.

 (3). The third thing is to store them a week or more before planting. They need to dry out so they won't form calluses. They should be stored at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They also need to be well ventilated. Now you want to seal them in a box with holes in it. You should never store them in a place without air.

 (4). Your fourth step for growing good potatoes is to prepare your seed potatoes to be planted. Potatoes must be planted from the first days of March to the second week in June. They need to be planted in the morning while the temperature is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They need to be planted at least four inches in the ground. You never want to plant them before March else the seeds will rot.

 (5). The fifth step for growing good potatoes is to put them into rows that are spaced 4 feet apart. Having a wide row is better for cultivation. Plant your seed potatoes putting the cut face down. The potato eyes need to be facing upward.

 (6). The sixth step will be mounding. This is to enable the water to reach your seed potatoes. If you're expecting a frost then covering them with straw will shelter them.

There are two essentials in caring for your plants. These are watering and cultivating. Cultivation involves loosening the soil up and removing the weeds along with hilling. The cultivation helps with breaking ground. This is a healthy thing for your plants. Helping to aerate the ground can be very healthy for your potatoes. It can also prevent you from having sunburned tubers.

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