The Wide Range of Applications of Modern Tractors

The Wide Range of Applications of Modern Tractors
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The Wide Range of Applications of Modern Tractors

In addition to the normal lawn care, field maintenance, spreading fertilizers and clearing weeds and bushes, tractor implements are used for ploughing, tiling, planting fields, and the like. These are not only beneficial in regular garden and lawn work but also on small farms. There are various advantages of using tractors to mechanize gardening, farming and even excavating tasks.

 A range of options

Tractors are available with a wide range of options to best suit particular tasks and demands. Compact or subcompact tractors available in a horsepower range of about 40 hp are perfect for heavy duty landscaping and other jobs like hauling, digging, and ploughing on large fields, pastures and gardens.

 Smaller versions of subcompact and compact tractors exhibit the versatility and power to accomplish a wide range of tasks such as mowing, moving mulch and tilling lands and gardens. These are ideal for landscaping tasks and are a smaller version of the utility tractors.

 Utility or the diesel tractors are recommended for mechanizing complex tasks and they are available in different models with a horsepower range of 45 hp to 110 hp. The best part of utility tractors is that a wide range of farming and tractor implements can be attached to perform various tasks.


Modern tractors are manufactured and designed in such a way so as to provide versatility in accomplishing various tasks. Compact tractors can perform tasks such as gardening and other simple farming jobs. They can accomplish more tasks when implements like back hoes, finishing mowers, slashers and front loaders are attached to them.

 Power and durability

They are generally provided with powerful and potential engines to run over rough terrain as well as pull heavy loads. This makes them effective in performing various landscape tasks and tough farming. Besides, they are durable and strong to withstand different adverse conditions as well.

 Easy operation

Modern tractors sport power shift transmission and hydrostatic transmission in order to simplify the operation. They are provided with power steering and more advanced models help in reducing operator fatigue with special shift controls and an automated responsive transmission unit.

In addition, the advanced tractors allow a range of farming and gardening implements including finishing mowers, slashers, frond end loader attachment, back hoes and the like to be attached to assist in performing a broad range of tasks.

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